Lesly (deadbeatwriter) wrote,

Ah, Vermont!

As I walked up the long, grassy lawn in front of the Vermont State House on the chilly, wet morning of the historic override vote, I had a sense of déjà vu. Large signs stood in front of the gold-domed building. "Believe in Our Common Humanity." "Override for Love." A lone "Take Back Vermont" sign, the slogan of gay-marriage opponents, stuck in the soft, wet spring earth.

Some years ago I spied a bumper sticker driving to work. It went like this: "Vermonters don't pack manure; we spread it".

Vermont is the most granola state in the Union. It was "colonized" by hippie farmers. It is the most beautiful state, if I may say so. It is also, unfortunately, expensive to live there and cold.

So very, very cold.

Vermont is not the Gomorrah it's being made out to be in conservative blogs, although one or two universities did see students attending classes in the buff while I lived there. It was the first state to abolish slavery. For a small state, it suffered considerable casualties during the Civil War. The Green Mountain Boys did, however, get to invade Canada. Most neo/conservative talking heads are content gainsaying our neighbor to the north. Today the small state regrettably has the most Iraq war casualties per capita. Vermont's conservationist history shapes state policy.

Oh, but they're going to hell in a super sized basket now. How could I forget the wages of sin?

I recommend the farmers' markets. The cheese is to die for.

MotherJones.com: Vermont's "Happily Ever After"

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